Monday, October 25, 2010

pamangkin time!

a week ago, i decided to clean-up all the mess i left out from all the work i did recently for 2 months. i worked mostly downstairs (at the dining area, the bar, and the garage).

my sweet neice, Fiona, helped me out.hehe and as a treat, we did drawings at our garage using the chalks we've found while cleaning!hehe

starting to finish her last piece
setting the reference...
then closely observing the form, details, lighting, etc
and there! a masterpiece! the drawing with thick lines and dots are my feet, and the two flat-iron-shaped drawings at right are my slippers.hehe
and of course, picture time!
it won't be complete without the artist's picture beside her work!
with me, she's sooo kulit!
and that happend while zach, my nephew
deals with his homework

"i wish there will be more fun times! and i can't wait for my next pamangkin!"

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