Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Birthday wish not granted

The Last Falling Star
Alcohol ink, cut-out shapes, double-sided tape and duct tape on paper
metal studs, washers and foil sheet
23.5 x 32 in

Four of the houses we lived in during my childhood have crosses on the doors of bathrooms.

Babala | Acrylic clear coat, alcohol ink on pre-primed canvas | 2016

White space, white noise

Consisting of paintings, drawings, and sculpture, Altered States delves into the stream of consciousness flowing through popular media and its reification into collective myth-making, symbolism, fabulation, and appropriation, producing new arrangements of cultural representation, signification, and identity. The artworks in the show follow tropes gathered from tattoo design, collage aesthetic, ethnoastronomy, and spirit portraiture, that underscore hybrid states as transformative social fantasy. Altered States features Zeus Bascon, Dina Gadia and Allan Balisi (Saturnino Basilla), Isabel Santos, and Derek Tumala. 

Being (Cell) and Being (Breathe) | Mixed Media on Paper, Glass Laminated | 9.25" x 7.5" | 2012

Untitled (Screaming Figure) | Mixed media on paper | 5.75" x 3.75" | 2012

Using a stirring vibrant impression, Zeus Bascon's drawings explore masks as another face of reality that penetrates into the realm of mind and spirit, which sums the artist's interest on folklore and the occult brought together with artistic virtuosity. 

Philippine Criminal and Gang Tattoo Sampler A & B (Materials for SB #5) | Ink on Paper, framed | 30.11" x 24.01" | 2013

Saturnino Basilla is the collaborative project of Dina Gadia and Allan Balisi which plumbs the underbelly of urban culture, from popular art found in everyday life to high-brow sources such as obscure cinema and print ephemera, publishing an edgy alternative aesthetic for the smart anarchist that waits in slumber. 

Color Studies: Secondary
acrylic on canvas
24" x 24"
Color Studies: Primary 
acrylic on canvas
24" x 24"

Exposing multiple layers of sign and signification to arrive a new language of communicating history, identity, and contemporary culture, Isabel Santos creates paintings that capture the inchoate essence of existing material and random information into ciphers of distinction. 

(Triptych, detail)
Tres Marias (Orion's Belt)
Supot ni Hudas (Pleiades) 

Anakdatu at Sahapang (Alpha & Beta Centauri) 
Etched Gold Mirror

Derek Tumala deviates his art practice by creating works that transcends the intangible. Taking cues from futurism, science and technology, his visual approaches and conceptual derivatives convey an account of exploration, a tangible experience, a sensory reflection.

Reflection Study #2 | cut-out gold mirror | 10" x 10" | 2015

  Photos and text grabbed from Artery

Artery Art Space is a contemporary art gallery plus a store and
a snack bar providing progressive aesthetics with remarkable
taste and a unique touch.