Tuesday, March 22, 2011

experience macau!

my trip to Macau was really a project for the Macau Government Tourism Office.

they sponsored the whole trip: from the air fare, the elegant hotel, amazing food, tickets to the House of Dancing Water in the City of Dreams (it's awesome!) and Cirque de Soleil: ZAIA at The Venetian! and for me it was more of an experience than work.

along with artists Robert Alejandro, Jomike Tejido, Ferdinand Doctolero; as well as photographers Rommel Bundalian and Budee Mendoza of  360 Virtual Reality Tours, is an exhibit at the Mall of Asia featuring our view of Macau, on March 25-27.

Thanks to the MGTO-Philippines, Ma'am Jet Cabuslay, Ms. Bernni Concepcion of MEET Inc., the ever charming Mr. Joao Sales, and of course Bossy!hehe

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

it was saturday

and we need to clear our heads of a lot of things
picnic basket and not so much money

it was really hot and a lot of people are there

she's happy




i borrowed this necklace from her just the morning before


the moment

a metaphor

home bound

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

this is an experience!

View of Taal Volcano from Mt. Maculot, Cuenca Batangas

two of my friends, Rommel Bundalian and Budee Mendoza, have this site where you can take a 360° perspective of beautiful spots in the philippines.

 the first time i saw this was with rommel's iphone. and from that small screen i wowed on how beautiful and somewhat experiential it can be, even if we we're just sitting in a plane.

View of Callao Cave in Penablaca, Cagayan Valley

for more visit their website here: http://360unlimited.com.ph/


try it! click this one


blinded by mere conceitedness
5x7 in, mixed media, 2008

i believe that everything that's happening is brought up by the totality of the self:

on what we think, what we believe, our own actions, the environment/community we raised and grew with, the poeple around us, etc.

it's like there is this concept of natural relationship (to another being, to inanimate objects, and/or even to the abstract idea of emotions - the universe) that comprise us all. thus self, pertaining to the coninuous exploration of the wholeness (not completeness) of the being, is not selfish.

as to what most people consider. relating to the general idea of it being subjective and personal.