Tuesday, July 31, 2012


One of the reasons why i have been inactive in blogging stuff is because a lot has happened. and one of the things i am on right now is my first solo exhibition!

With works that are anchored in metaphors, Zeus Bascon finally debuts his solo exhibition. Perennially in love with how words can romanticize instances, he lets his art bloom in time or even forcibly impose it when necessary. For him, art-making happens while one is actively living in the moment. During meltdowns, while running wild, he interprets life without distancing himself from it. His works bear narratives of frustrations, interpretations of ideologies and a liberation from inhibitions.  His home, his dog, his neighborhood, the realities of his environs are reflected as elements, as subject or as visual anecdotes. He treats his works as reflections of the continuous exploration to the wholeness of our nature.

The Blanc Gallery opens Trees Burn Down on July 30, 2012, reception starts at 6pm. The exhibition is on view until August 20. The Blanc Gallery is located at Unit 2-E Crown Tower, 107 H. V. Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village, Makati City.

Structure Of Ironies

2 x 4 ft (diptych)
Acrylic, oil and paper on canvas
 el fuego como carne que se frie al sol y descompone el techo de la casa. en el fondo se dibujan las lineas de todos los aviones que alguna vez volaron por la zona, creando una grilla en distintos tonos de blanco. un fantasma caotico sobre los colores del atardecer de un fin del mundo que veo por primera vez.
muchos recuerdos. la familia no sale, no existe, es piedra y miedo. 
fire as flesh frying in the sun and decomposing the roof on the house. in the background, the lines of every plane that once flew over the zone are drawn, creating a grid in different tones of white. a caotic ghost over the colors of the sunset in an end of the world that i see fo the first time.
lots of memories. the family doesn't come out doesn't exist it's stone and fear.

Velcro Goblin of Argentina saw my account on deviantart and have found inspiration from this work.
And for that, i am grateful.

Thank you!

you can check his deviant account here

and if you can read spansih, check his blog here