Friday, July 29, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


"Almost every sinful action ever committed can be traced back to a selfish motive. It is a trait we hate in other people but justify in ourselves."
  - Stephen Kendrick (The Love Dare)

an update

what i've been doing lately:

1. a book project for vibal foundation. written by doc luis gatmaitan, watch out for it at this year's Manila International Book Fair guys!

2. i've been doing some ink drawings lately, for experimenting.

3. an illustration about reading and dreaming for a not card and exhibit (i think).

4. i've started keeping a journal where i do some drawings, sketches, quick brush paintings , etc. i wish to continue this as far as i can and thankfully, i get to update this often.

5. i am currently working with bunch of pencil sketches as studies for my next book project.hehe it gonna be fun!

6. i will paint more for 1 commission piece, and for 2 more exhibits (for now). im planning to organize 2 small exhibits by the last quarter. excited!

it's been raining all day and we keep on going

the rain doesn't stop and we experienced a 5.9 earthquake last night. we didn't notice any shaking as i was on a painting for a note card project. i already finished and went to the showers, thinking i should paint more. but then the lights went off, a black out, so i went out with a flash light (still raining), had gsm blue and went sleeping.

he had his birthday

eros, my brother, who's slowly coping up with his broken left arm

rain drops

the gang


Sunday, July 17, 2011

tsaong, quezon province

we're all excited on how this will look like a year after when this 2 hectare is transformed into a getaway residence for our family and friends. it does need a lot of cleaning but my dad thinks it'll be done in two months (i hope! can't wait to camp there soon!)

 it looks promising with fruit-bearing trees and a cool river we can swim at. it has fishes and turtles too, although one of the agent had several gun shots preying on a turtle for their meet (yeah, it's sad. my brother-in-law and nicky even went to his spot to stop him from shooting at the turtles but he did kill one already as we get there. they saw other big turtles but due to failing eye sight, i just saw a small one, gasping for air on the surface.)

anyway our family and two immediate friends (i figured we have lots of kaladkarin friends around but janice and nicky were the most available at that time.haha) had a picnic at the place. we started hitting the road at almost 9am, we also used nicky's car since all of us wouldn't fit in our crv. we arrived at quezon around 10-11pm.

me at the front seat, nicky the driver, my eldest sister, one of the kaladkarins, gaile and eros at the back seat
me family!
after eating, resting under the shades with our baby nephew, leon!
raymond, my brother-in-law
nicky and eros, who at this moment reading a text message from friends about my grandparents' house in balibago on fire
nanay and tatay
kulang na lang kabayo!haha
my second sister with her baby!
the lolo with fiona and zach
fiona and ivy!
baldado camwhoring!
ate sharmeine and eros in the river!
girls pic!
zach chillin.haha
janice said she needs the umbrella because it's too hot.
lovers under the shade.
nicky playing her harmonica!haha
me and zach exploring the river
fun day!