Friday, November 4, 2011

just this morning

i realized a lot of things.

from the time i woke up at around 2am (which i thought was 4am or so), i began to sketch then had a morning walk with my cousin, who was just outside when i walked my dog and bought a half pack of marlboro lights and an instant coffee.

leaving the garden growing

we talked about a lot of things: ideas, perspectives, personal and family life... and one thing i realized was, even though we are of the same age and been brought up within the same community, we are too different. we have different status in life but somehow, we are somewhat experiencing almost the same stuff. and i was a bit saddened - that no matter how he tried, he will never really grasp what i understand.

then he told me he wanted to draw but never really had a chance to practice. so we drew something on my personal sketch notebook. in a spread, at least we were the same - two figures, posing with our backs, drawn by each other. he enjoyed this as he was laughing and seemed like he's really having fun drawing. somehow i felt relieved.

then his wife came from a music gig and i was left alone so i went on sketching.

then everyone woke up. it was around 5:30. the day is starting. we all have to go on. so i went back to my working area (for 2 days now) replying to emails and trying my best to come up with an exhibit proposal.

i wish i could write well, at least whenever i should.

the sun is up. the water's boiling. i already have 2 cups of coffee since i woke up. i have to give my dog a bath.

good morning!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

it's supposedly a long weekend

but until earlier today, i've been finishing some works. there's still a ton of stuff to do and with some pieces done, i reward myself a swimming day!haha

anyway, here are some previews of what's to come before the year ends!

for Eastpak Artist Studio collab!
for an upcoming exhibit featuring comic super heroes with Vinyl on Vinyl x FullyBooked! guess who's superhero i did!

and a 2x3 ft painting for a commission which i just finished earlier!
 and since it's all saint's day...

SALVAHE (top) and HIMAGA (skull) for Dia Delos Muertos exhibit at Secret Fresh!