Tuesday, August 31, 2010


VAROOM 01 |August 2006
Cover by Sam Weber, 2005.

this illustration magazine kept me busy last night til this morning.

serj and marcus were talking about this magazine. and finally, last night, i got the time to google it (i was typing vroom pa nga e. vroom turned out to be an automotive magazine.pshhh).

anyway,  there are lots of good things to point out in the magazine/website. like they have very informative and helpful articles. and while reading them, i felt like im reading a case study, only that it's in a foreign setup - but still we can relate.

VAROOM 06 | April 2008
Cover image: That’s Not Art, That’s Illustration by Brad Holland

then there are interviews with illustrators such as John Vernon Lord, Paul Burgess, Jasper Goodall, Jim Stoten, and Brad Holland which tackles almost everything in the illustration industry: the trends, process, styles, marketability, freelancing, conceptual illustration, the debate between fine art and illustration, etc.

plus you can download the first issue and selected articles for free! (limited time only guys, so download now!)

visit the site here>>>



Et cetera

Et cetera (in English contexts pronounced /ɛt ˈsɛtərə/) is a Latin expression that means "and other things", or "and so forth". It is taken directly from the Latin expression which literally means "and the rest (of such things)" and is a loan-translation of the Greek "καὶ τὰ ἕτερα" (kai ta hetera; "and the other things"). Et means "and"; cētera means "the rest".

The one-word spelling "etcetera" is commonly used, and is accepted as correct by many dictionaries. It is also sometimes spelled et caetera or et cætera, and is often abbreviated to etc..<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Et_cetera>


after this first post, you'll be reading a lot about what i think, funny thoughts i had, what i ate, my body clock, stories (there will be a lot of this. but i promise to summarize them for every posts im gonna make), what im working on, people i admire, works i admire, my rants (same as the stories), quotations, articles, exaggerations, links (i hope i wont get blocked for this) the books i have, the community im living with, the people i share my life with, probably some conversations (im not even sure if im allowed to post that, but yeah)...

this is my first blog. well there was multiply but i don't consider it  - it's too... unbloggish. plus im not updating it anymore.

be kind to me.