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Razzle Dazzle | Solo feature: Zeus Bascon: Until The Next Full MoonOctober 10-21ARTERY, 102 P.Tuazon Blvd, 4001 Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines
Zeus Bascon's Solo Feature "Until the Next Full Moon" currently on view at the Artery Portal until October 21, 2015.
Bascon's multi-media exhibit is a play on shadows and illumination, using the conceptual basis of masks as a genuine reflection of hidden realities altered to bend convention and design, to find extraordinary relations between material and ritual, from the light of reason to the dark expanse of the imagination. 
Bascon treats his works as reflections of the continuous exploration of the wholeness of the self and its relationship to the myths affecting the conditions of existence. Through a range of media, he forms narratives - abstracted from different personal life histories that somehow define a current state of being. 
Zeus Bascon has been actively participating in Manila's exhibition circuit since 2006. Recently, he was part of "The Lizard Says You’re a Liar" curated by Mayumi Hirano, one of the projects that comprises the Forces At Work exhibition, supported by The Japan Foundation Manila and UP Jorge B. Vargas Museum. He was also part of Fictive Communities - Koganecho Bazaar 2014 artist residency program in Japan. He lives and works in City of Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Mask |Aluminum foil tape and thread on fabric

Untitled (Camouflage no.2) | Aluminum foil tape and vinyl stickers on tarpaulin, thread

Apparition | Cut-out photo prints, clear vinyl sticker, chrome spray paint on printed tarpaulin

Guardians | Permanent markers and aluminum foil tape on fabric


Pretty Visitors, 2015 | Permanent markers on fabric

Ghost, 2015 | Permanent marker, thread, bells on fabric, curtain rod, aluminum foil tape, wood, brackets

Friday, November 6, 2015

PABLO X Fourth Installment: Paintings and Object-d'art

Pretty Visitors


Idealistic Representation of Domesticity
Photo by Ms. Potti Legasuis

Building a Better Edifice Leisurely

Nice Buenaventura draws lines at random, converging into regular polygons. The two-dimensional then stretches into space, leaving Buenaventura an assortment of wooden prisms.
The conceit here is that the works begin their existence as blanks, essentially paperweights. That the art-making lies in the transformation of these proxy canvases is a wager that Buenaventura and Underground Gallery are making with Building a Better Edifice Leisurely, an exhibition by 20+ artists of varied practices.
Passing up the opportunity to impose a thematic constraint with regard to the work, it is a structural limitation that ties the exhibition together: the aforementioned wooden blanks must be utilized like so:
1) All four blocks must be present in the artwork
2) Additions to and subtractions from the individual blocks do not render their shapes unrecognizable
3) Maintaining the assembly feature of the blocks is optional
Thus achieved is the coherent pitting of a collagist's work against a photographer's, a making-sense out of a conceptual artist's vision as it meets a hyperrealist's attempt at sculpture. Instead of a predictable addition to each artist's oeuvre, the pieces then become:
A bizarro interpolation of what might have been, had, say, Luis Santos decided to work with geometric wood;
A portent of what might be, in the off chance that Don Djerassi Dalmacio decides to pursue sculpture;
A minimalist detour for Yasmin Sison;
(& What Would Nilo Ilarde Do?)
etc, etc, etc.
It is BaBEL's unusual constraint that makes what would otherwise be yet another group show an event of note, an off-the-cuff game of exquisite corpse of sorts, a tabletop fill-in-the-blanks narrative.
Owel Alvero

Lost Charms, 2015| acrylic, nail polish, lacquer, vinyl stickers, spray paint and
permanent markers on wood.Braided cloth and bells.


AUG12 - SEPT12, 2015 | ALTRO MONDO AT THE PICASSO | 3F 119 LP Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati

featuring works of: Aeon Barrameda, Bianca Natola, Bibi Belgica, Cru Camara, Carina Santos, Cos Zicarelli, Czar Kristoff, David Viray, Dennis Bato, Jolo Salvador, Justine Basa, Kay Aranzanso, Ku Romillo, Luis Santos, Mano Gonzales, Mikee Silva, Mikhaela Marie, Nicky Daez, Nice Buenaventura, Paulina Ortega, Sidney Valdez, Tim Serrano, Tof Zapanta, Vladimir Grutas, Wiji Lacsamana, Zeus Bascon

Untitled (Recurring elementals)
7.5 x 13.5 in (framed) | mixed media on paper
2012 - 2014
Untitled (Severed man)
6 x 4.5 in (framed) | mixed media on paper

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Razzle Dazzle

featuring works by Kris Abrigo, Dean Africa, Zeus Bascon, Gene Paul Martin, Carlo Ricafort, and Tanya Villanueva.

August 1 - October 24

ARTERY | 102 P.Tuazon Blvd, 4001 Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines

Razzle Dazzle is a simultaneous presentation of creative studies catalyzed by experimentation and intuitive research alongside successful attempts at artistic pattern and design, fantastic narratives and figuration, and Pop content with a surreal sense of wit.

view the full press release here:



photos grabbed from ARTERY


a group show curated by Ryan + Garovs
VinylonVinyl Gallery 2135 Warehouse II, 2nd floor, Chino Roces Ave. Makati City, PH.
June 20 — July 4, 2015

Featuring Ara Asuncion / Acid House Post / Adam David / Aeon Barrameda / Aj Dimarucot / Amelie Vivas / Angelo Estrella / Anton Belardo / Apol Sta Maria / Archie Geotina / Bahagski (JP) / Bjorn Calleja / Brent Sabas / Broke / Carina Santos / Cenon Norial III / Charles Buenconsejo / Costantino Zicarelli / Crajes (Spain) / Dan Matutina / Dex Fernandez / Don Djerassi Dalmacio / Edrick Bruel / Electrolychee / Erick Encinares / Ernest Concepcion / Erwin Romulo / Ge Madriaga Mapa / Gerardo Tan / Geric Cruz / Harriet Tromeur (Paris) / Heima / Imagine Nation Studios / Inksurge / Isabel Santos / Jake Verzosa / Jayson Oliveria / Jeffrey Jay Arnan Jarin / Jel Suarez / Jigger Cruz / Joey Samson / Johanna Helmuth / JP Cuison / Jujiin Samonte / Jun Sabayton / Juvi Mae Ang / Karen Pimentel / Kris Abrigo / Leeroy New / Lena Cobangbang / Lendl Arvin / Lobregat Balaguer / Luis Antonio Santos / Lynyrd Paras / Maco Custodio / Mads Adrias / Mariano Ching / Marie Gan / Mark Salvatus / May Ann Licudine / Melvin Mojica / Micaela Benedicto / MM Yu / Neasden Control Centre (UK) / Nathalie Dagmang / Nelle Vizmonte / Ness Sheen / Nicole Tee / Nimu Muallam / Oca Villamiel / Paolo Lim (AU) / Paulo Castro / Pow Martinez / Raffy Napay / Rabbithole Creatives / Ralph Mendoza / Ramon Vizmonte / Reese Lansangan / Rin Estrella / Rob Cham / Robert Alejandro / Romeo Lee / Ryan Villamael / Sanya Smith / Sharon See / Soleil Ignacio / Soler Santos / Sunshine Reyes / Tammy David / Tanya Villanueva / Team Manila / Teo Esguerra / The Greenhouse Project / Tinay Villamiel / Tokwa Peñaflorida / Tyang Karyel / Vernon Perez / Victoria Velasco / Yasmin Sison / Yeo Kaa / Yusaku Kawamura (JP) / Yvette Tan / Zean Cabangis / Zeus Bascon ‪#‎artPH‬ ‪#‎YouAreHereVOV‬
Cactus costume documented and presented as c-print with lamination. Installed with a stand lamp covered with tracing paper and holographic vinyl stickers.

photos grabbed from Everywhere We Shoot!

Acid Beach

été sans fin (endless summer)

release / exhibit
2015 summer collection
April 18-25, 2015
Soma Stores / Backstage
G/F Green Sun 2285 Chino Roces Ext. Makati
Simultaneous collection release, exhibition and party:

-RELEASE / Soma Stores
summer pop-up concept store & collection
new campaign shot by Cenon Norial III & Mvltiverse
Music by Major Chie

                                  -EXHIBIT / Soma Backstage
                                  opening party
                                  group exhibition by Manila's young artists:
                                  Jeona Zoleta, Zeus Bascon, Jel Suarez, Jhemeul Salvador, Kel Sampayan, Mvltiverse

Drunkard Washed At The Beach | 9x12" acrylic on panel

photos grabbed from SLAVES OF LIBERTY