Tuesday, November 30, 2010

for five days

I'll be in Macau

this is my first airplane ride.
this is my first time abroad.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

a lot has happened

the things you will see in the succeeding blog entries are the days i spent not working (or even thinking about work.haha) this was all before november!

10.27.10 : my brother's gf's birthday, gailala!

it was the day i got my passport!hehe will tell the details sooooon! im excited my friend kreame isaac designed the pants.hehehehe
the boyfriend

the excited and happy pamangkins
ivy, fiona's mother. this was during the trip to gaile's place. and usually, especially when she can feel the cold breeze hitting her face, she easily falls asleep.
unlike her ultra-active daughter

who helped me annoy zach.hehehe
at gaile's place, we ate cake and spaghetti.hehe
gaile's gifts!
at that nice place along magallanes square
then these photos we were laughing at. it seems there's some drama going on or something.haha
and her college friends came! they were crazy, especially the one beside gaile.

end of day one

in memoriam

 Seemingly unappreciated are those structures who are trimmed down into rubbles by a process of demolition - involving a non-emotional participation of people, who are given authority to put an end to the existence of a functional construction. These structures will be replaced, and then eventually be forgotten.

The objective of this project is to commemorate these structures for the meaning and purpose they have served for the people and the community: to give imporatnce and celebrate their existence; to make an attempt in immortalizing the memory of them (for the people who are personally attached to them, at least); and to acknowledge the wholeness of their being.
this is the reason and first of the project. i was simply assigned to paint all aged rocks white when my uncle told me it will soon be demolished because the government bought the land to make it a passage for all the visitors every nov.1.

i thought it was here even before i exist and everything will be lost just because someone bought the land, thus this project...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Celebrate Filipino Love and Pride at the Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010

Yabang Pinoy invites you to celebrate 100% Filipino Love and Pride this Christmas at the Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010, on November 6-7, 2010 from 10AM to 10PM at the Rockwell Tent.
Global Pinoy Bazaar is organized by Yabang Pinoy, the pioneering Filipino Pride movement, whose advocates and volunteers aim to inspire and encourage Filipinos to believe in being a Filipino, in fellow Filipinos, as well as to patronize Filipino ideas, concepts, products and services.
Sinag de Leon-Amado, a paper craft artist, PAPELAPELAP, shares: “I have been a longtime fan of Yabang Pinoy (ever since it launched its first product, the abaca bracelet) and I really admire its work in promoting Filipino culture. The Global Pinoy Bazaar is the perfect venue to showcase Pinoy creativity and ingenuity through great and exciting products, crafts, and ideas. I went to last year's Global Pinoy Bazaar as a shopper, and now I'm even more excited to be one of its merchants.”
“The Global Pinoy Bazaar showcases our products alongside world-class Filipino products that proudly shout to bazaar guests that ‘Hey! These creative, quality products are a result of Filipino ingenuity and talent’,” shares Jen Horn of Punchdrunk Panda.
Other exhibitors include JetSet Travel Accessories, Magic Bag, Mayella’s Wires and Strings Fashion Accessories, Shoeology Inc, Creative Prints, KJAAD & Co, Baubles, Bangles n’ Beads, Amber Lights Laguna, Brown Belly, Palabras at Letras, Everything's for Fun, Messy Bessy, Yellow Ribbon Movement, Yayin Wire Art Fashion, Alessandra Libongco Art & Design, Elaine Adoptante, The Tunic Project, CEVA Designs Specialty Products, Swordfish, Kikayism, Vanity without Apology, Twee Shop, Bedazzle Accessories, Firefly Row, Shoe Struck, Piroutte, Rina Pia Trading , BeautynBeads by Ezhwel, Ylla Shoes, El Maestro Muscovado, Eco Sack, Maarte Novelties, Cole Vintage, Suelas, MYCX Flats, Pill Footwear, Cris Cel Cor Export Inc, Laura's Versatile Fabrics Collection, Seventy-Seven & Lucky Marias, H by G Licaros, URU Manila, Balai Matteo Home Furnishings, Beansprout, Babinski Baby, Badj Swimwear & Couture, Chilli Margarita Shoes, Dashe Cosmetics, Fab Manila, Punchdrunk Panda, Sewn Sandals, Catrina Paulino Enterprises, Baligya Na’ko & Co., Erzullie, Lalaughka Inc, Happy Feet, Poisonberry, Rurungan sa Tubod Foundation, The Beachbaby, I Love Koi, Willow Clothing, MomTreneur, Les Roux, Pop Out Store, Lao Design, Stellar, Jacobo & Beatrice, Frupcakes, Reserved, Hanky Panty, Gold Dot, Magu Clothing, Tawid Crafts,Tiny Wonder Trading, Casa Amarilla, Sam’sa’kara, Deseo Clothing, Mallos, BECE Manila, Trishca's Store, Bolso Manila, Bigkas Pilipinas, Sigaw Sambit Collections, Dodong loves Bebang, Agos Pilipinas, Kape Ni Juan, Weewilldoodle, Sagada Pottery, Corbin, M.Y. Likha, Ang Illustrador ng Kabataan, and many more.
Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010 is supported by Rockwell Land, Inc., Yellow Cab Pizza, Binalot, Reyes Barbeque, YOCard, and Digiprint. Media partners include Manila Bulletin, The Philippine Star, Business World, Southern Living, Sense & Style Magazine, Style Weekend Magazine, 24/7, Circuit, and Juice. TV partners include ETC, QTV’s The Beat, MYX and Astig TV. Online partners are Clickthecity.com, Yehey.com, Pep.ph, Spot.ph, Philstar.com, Herword.com, Agimat.Net, Manilashopaholic.com, Wheninmanila.com and ProPinoy.net. Radio partners are 99.5RT and Jam 88.3.
To know more about Global Pinoy Bazaar 2010 and the Yabang Pinoy movement, please visit www.yabangpinoy.com, email yabangpinoy@gmail.com, or call mobile number 0927-826-3926.
For more information, please contact:

Maricris M. Sarino
Yabang Pinoy Volunteer
+639178151513 or 2117789
This year, Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan is part of the Global Pinoy Bazaar! come and see us on Nov. 6-7, 10am-10pm. We'll be selling smal paintings, postcards, notebooks, brooches made of felt and many more! So come and support Ang InK and PINOY PRODUCTS!
and one thing which makes this bazaar more fun is no plastics allowed! so if ever you're coming, bring your eco shopping bags for more stylish bazaar experience!hehe

here are some of the thinks i plan to sell:

9x7in 1/of notebooks

and maybe this artwork
see you!