Thursday, November 11, 2010

in memoriam

 Seemingly unappreciated are those structures who are trimmed down into rubbles by a process of demolition - involving a non-emotional participation of people, who are given authority to put an end to the existence of a functional construction. These structures will be replaced, and then eventually be forgotten.

The objective of this project is to commemorate these structures for the meaning and purpose they have served for the people and the community: to give imporatnce and celebrate their existence; to make an attempt in immortalizing the memory of them (for the people who are personally attached to them, at least); and to acknowledge the wholeness of their being.
this is the reason and first of the project. i was simply assigned to paint all aged rocks white when my uncle told me it will soon be demolished because the government bought the land to make it a passage for all the visitors every nov.1.

i thought it was here even before i exist and everything will be lost just because someone bought the land, thus this project...