Thursday, November 11, 2010

a lot has happened

the things you will see in the succeeding blog entries are the days i spent not working (or even thinking about work.haha) this was all before november!

10.27.10 : my brother's gf's birthday, gailala!

it was the day i got my passport!hehe will tell the details sooooon! im excited my friend kreame isaac designed the pants.hehehehe
the boyfriend

the excited and happy pamangkins
ivy, fiona's mother. this was during the trip to gaile's place. and usually, especially when she can feel the cold breeze hitting her face, she easily falls asleep.
unlike her ultra-active daughter

who helped me annoy zach.hehehe
at gaile's place, we ate cake and spaghetti.hehe
gaile's gifts!
at that nice place along magallanes square
then these photos we were laughing at. it seems there's some drama going on or something.haha
and her college friends came! they were crazy, especially the one beside gaile.

end of day one

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