Friday, May 27, 2011

kwentong batibot!

two weeks ago, one of the producers of Batibot asked me if i can make illustrations that they will animate for one of their segments, Kwentong Batibot. and i (excitedly) said yes! i remember many years before when eros, my younger brother, and i will watch Batibot in the morning, still in our pajamas, and drinking milk. and now, i get to contribute for the show! im excited to see how will they look like when they move!hehe

the story is "Si Kabunian at Ang Mga Tao" where the god of Bontoc rewarded the hardworking people with a magical tree that bears almost all of man's necessity, the people rejoiced and since they don't have to work for food anymore, they become fat and lazy, and forgot to take care of the surroundings. Kabunian, got angry when he looked down the filthy earth and saw the people slacking under the tree. realizing that the magic tree brought no good to man, he make the tree disappear.

here are some of the illustrations i did:


Watch Batibot this Saturday, 8:30AM to 9:00AM At TV5 Kids!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i am a children's book illustrator, yes!

btw, i am an active member of Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan, a group of children's book illustrators here in the Philippines. and right now, i am our featured inkie member for the week in the org's official blog, Thinkie Tank!

i dont usually show my children's illusts compared to my paintings, i guess it's because before, i only do illustrations to make money for my art. eventually i learned a lot and have come to love it, then realized i can do both at the same time and being a children's book illustrator gave me a great deal of responsibility for the younger Filipinos. and with that, i found one of my purpose!

so, if you have extra money, buy local children's book for your kids, nephews and neices, young brothers and sisters, and even cousins! it's a whole lot of fun..and colors!hehe support local talents!

anyway here are some of the books i did:

Bakawan (Mangroves)

Alamat ng Palay (Legend of the Rice Grain)

Alamat ng Gagamba (Legend of the Spider)

Alamat ng Talangka (Legend of the Crab)


this month i am working on two books! one to be launched mid this year and the other next year, i think. i am really planning on writing about the books i did, but im not so sure how... help me?hehe anyway enjoy!

dance in the rain like it's your birthday!

Happy birthday zach!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

(almost) everyday morning set-up

i am currently busy with 4 projects this month, all concerning children. 2 book projects, 1 illustration for tv (done with this one!yey!), and 1 for a newspaper (today's the deadline, ugh). anyway, i'll post them all soon.

i went back to robot mode so i am usually up from evening til lunch time the next day. and every morning, you can catch me up in our garage, doing my stuff. here's what we're up to this morning:

with my neice, Fiona and my visiting cousin from ilo-ilo, Paul

good morning everyone!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


i gave this to someone as she needed a sense of comfort

but while making this, i am actually thinking of a different person,
an old friend.

you are sorely missed

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I'll be joining this year's Looking For Juan Outdoor Banner Project. And since it is Jose Rizal's 150th year, the project will tackle the relevance of our National Hero with today.

My work is about what i think is one of the most significant impact of Rizal's life, his ideas.

The philosophy of our nation is defined by the intricate and composite interralationship of the life histories and experiences of every individual in the Philippines. I believe that the state of our country reflects a not so pleasant physicality. Now, our generation has this responsibility to carry on the ideals and works of Rizal for the betterment of the future.

a hopeful and idealistic ending: perfection

"I have always looked upon decay as being just as wonderful and rich an expression of life as growth" - Henry Miller

We came into existence and live to our subjective definition of what is good and evil. We age; starting to feel regret, and eventually, die. As sad and frightful as it seems, flesh is flesh and death is inevitable.

But in death is beauty. As we lie within the depths of the earth, there is hope for a new life. A fresh start as if given apologies by the environment which we, as beings bestowed with the responsibility for all created, have failed to protect.

And in that moment, in the process of decay: man and earth will grow as one.