Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i am a children's book illustrator, yes!

btw, i am an active member of Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan, a group of children's book illustrators here in the Philippines. and right now, i am our featured inkie member for the week in the org's official blog, Thinkie Tank!

i dont usually show my children's illusts compared to my paintings, i guess it's because before, i only do illustrations to make money for my art. eventually i learned a lot and have come to love it, then realized i can do both at the same time and being a children's book illustrator gave me a great deal of responsibility for the younger Filipinos. and with that, i found one of my purpose!

so, if you have extra money, buy local children's book for your kids, nephews and neices, young brothers and sisters, and even cousins! it's a whole lot of fun..and colors!hehe support local talents!

anyway here are some of the books i did:

Bakawan (Mangroves)

Alamat ng Palay (Legend of the Rice Grain)

Alamat ng Gagamba (Legend of the Spider)

Alamat ng Talangka (Legend of the Crab)


this month i am working on two books! one to be launched mid this year and the other next year, i think. i am really planning on writing about the books i did, but im not so sure how... help me?hehe anyway enjoy!