Tuesday, November 1, 2011

it's supposedly a long weekend

but until earlier today, i've been finishing some works. there's still a ton of stuff to do and with some pieces done, i reward myself a swimming day!haha

anyway, here are some previews of what's to come before the year ends!

for Eastpak Artist Studio collab!
for an upcoming exhibit featuring comic super heroes with Vinyl on Vinyl x FullyBooked! guess who's superhero i did!

and a 2x3 ft painting for a commission which i just finished earlier!
 and since it's all saint's day...

SALVAHE (top) and HIMAGA (skull) for Dia Delos Muertos exhibit at Secret Fresh!


  1. teenage mutant ninja turtles! haha :P may pagong eh. Annual naman!

  2. yun lang, di siya ninja!isa siyang, pagang!