Tuesday, July 26, 2011

an update

what i've been doing lately:

1. a book project for vibal foundation. written by doc luis gatmaitan, watch out for it at this year's Manila International Book Fair guys!

2. i've been doing some ink drawings lately, for experimenting.

3. an illustration about reading and dreaming for a not card and exhibit (i think).

4. i've started keeping a journal where i do some drawings, sketches, quick brush paintings , etc. i wish to continue this as far as i can and thankfully, i get to update this often.

5. i am currently working with bunch of pencil sketches as studies for my next book project.hehe it gonna be fun!

6. i will paint more for 1 commission piece, and for 2 more exhibits (for now). im planning to organize 2 small exhibits by the last quarter. excited!

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