Tuesday, October 19, 2010

are you there?

the exhibit opening at Pablo Fort was fun! it's the first exhibit opening my parents attended, and i was nervous a bit (they might figure out some of my negativities regarding home). anyway, good thing all they read were the invites and the brochure.

the works are great, all the artist were there except for bru (enjoy your vacation bru!) and a number of friends came (thank yous!!!), and met new ones (hello, nice meeting you guys)!

well if you haven't been to the exhibit, i guess "you are not there".haha it's up until Nov.13. try to visit if you have time! check the details here.

pablo tsikis: yo and osie
my mom envied over his purse
fashown abi with aj
me explaining wrongly about my works to my dad
a successful group pic!!!!
then Nico Puertollano made this >>> video

 fun night everyone! thanks!!!

photos grabbed from Brendan, Paul and David Guison

the artists (l-r): marcushiro, aj omandac,mica cabildo, zeus bascon, katwo and nico puertollano, jigger cruz (bru not in photo, enjoy the vacae in sanfo!)