Tuesday, October 5, 2010

in her elizabeth

last august, i was part of a lyrical exhibit organized by Kooky Tuason. She's a poet, she performs poetry reading, a radio jock, event organizer, and she's really good!hehe in this exhibit, she did 10 romantic poems and each participating artists were asked to pick two from the collection. other participating artists were Dex Fernandez, Marcus Nada, Richard Tuason and Rovi Jesher Salegumba.


everyday i die
a beautiful death
a Blake rose consumed on your bed
you have left but kept
your word
gnawing at my insides
spreading fireflies
to light my grave

everyday i die
a beautiful death
stricken by your plague
of love and hate
and finding fate
in the arms of time
a little too late

everyday i die a beautiful death with your silent breath
beyond recovery

make me forget
the months i have spent
watching you
with my eyes closed
i am my own ghost
haunting the depths
of my lostness
preventing you from seeing
i have less
to offer
failing to remember
the color of your eyes
just like your previous lover

make me forget
the present
that demands a password
to the past
revealing we won't last
a lifetime
living on borrowed time
you are yours,
and i am mine

and i am mine
remembering you are the garden of delights
in my spine

(*The Garden of Delights - Hieronymus Bosch's 15th century masterpiece)

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