Sunday, October 10, 2010

the 5th power

 This October 2010, Shangri-la Plaza will be unveiling the newest fashion hub in the metro, The Youth Zone. It will be launched through the “5th Power: The Art of Fashion” exhibit and fashion show. Shangri-La Plaza aims to show that fashion inspires art and art inspires fashion, and that this never ending cycle continues to inspire fashionistas and stir the imagination of the artists. The exhibit will showcase the collections of the participating merchants, alongside an artwork inspired by the theme of each collection.

I was assigned to do Nafnaf. And  never derived ideas from clothes before so this was definitely a challenging project for me. But i had fun doing this and thanks to Mimi Tecson for the exhibit!

based on the colors, flow, and dresses in the collection, 
it's like a girl starts to bloom into a woman.

title: In Bloom
medium: acrylic and collage on canvas.
size 28x30in

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