Monday, August 5, 2013


"The Anticosmic Feast"

Combinatorial Explosion
mixed media on canvas
55 x 55 in


- orderly or harmonious system
-comes from the greek word "kosmos" - order/ornament
-antithetical to the concept of chaos

-the word cosmetics originates from the same root.
-it also means outerspace (Russian,Bulgarian,Serbian)
-in Mandarin Chinese it is translated to yuzhou which literally means space time "Yu"-space "zhou"-time
-relating to/concerned with the abstract spiritual/metaphysical ideas

Where Are We?
acrylic and collage element on acrylic sheet
10 x 14 in


-concerned with explaining fundamental nature of being and the world. 

-attempts to answer 2 basic questions in the broadest possible terms:
1.what is there?
2.what is it like?

Boundaries and Reason
mixed media on paper
43.35 x 59.5 in (diptych)


-also tackles on the misantrophic order/temple of the black light
-all about patchwork religion(composed of many religions,mostly ancient sumerian paganism and gnoticism)
-about new religions that are being born (and modified) every day,it would seem

The Shebang (KAMPALA)
mixed media on paper
29.75 x 43.35 in

Jon Nodtveidt's take on anticosmic

-anticosmic people refuses to be a servant of the cosmic order
-refuses to being someone's creation,a passive victim of cosmic fate,chained to the wheel of life,blinded by illusions and lies that has only one purpose;to keep us in line in a system controlled by the oppressor
-to strive for liberation and enlightenment,thus refusing to accept the inherited yoke of humanity. choose to eternally become,to consciously strive away from,and beyond the pre dictated conditions for existence and to struggle towards becoming completely self made,in accordance to my own true will,free from all weaknesses and chains that binds us to the cosmic creation. it is not for the masses,it is for the elite who doesnt want control. 

l-r: Being (Face), (Breathe), (Light off), (Cell), (Detached); mixed media on paper, 2012

The Observer
acrylic on canvas
9 x 24 in (diptych)


Featuring the works of: Alvin Capistrano, James Darryl Esguerra
Jessie Mondares and Zeus Bascon

Secret Fresh , Ronac Art Center
January 20, 2013

text based on Mr. Esguerra's email to 'Erik'

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