Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A Long Pause

For many months i have been re-occupied by tons of activities that somehow blocked me to continue posting here on my blog. I find writing a struggle. Facebook and Instagram provided a much easier venue for me to express whatever stuff i want/need to post.

And now that i have freed myself of obligations and pressure to finish within deadlines, i have more time to catch up on hanging commitments, one of which is this blog.

                                                                                 et cætera

A friend of mine suggested, if i wanted to learn writing, i just need to simply write my thoughts. I have lots of blank notebooks o write on so i decided to make one a journal. I consider it more of a diary sans the mushy stuff, it's kind of messy and i cant even recognize my penmanship (in which, according to an entry dated 20th of June this year, i will try to improve. Later on that entry, " I'm starting to think this attempt, to write legibly is just another on of those, simply [?] unattainable stuff. Where my attempts result to zero.". And it is). The journal entry continues, the attempt over. Along with my thoughts are quotations, notes, observations, keywords and drawings. Aside from the journal/diary (haha), im keeping 4 other notebooks: one for preliminary drawings/artwork studies;

a red one for my schedule, ideas and other notes; and the other two for my visual journals, the firsts of my notebooks (of which one is still borrowed by a friend who planned on doing something with it). 

Anyway, since my first solo exhibition, i worked on a commission for a stretch of 6 straight months! Then on January this year, i finished and did my hair  blonde. I needed to do that in order to get back on track. I went to Singapore with Con and Gabs to visit Ver, Sidd, Gigi and other friends who'll be participating for the Art Stage. It was a lot! And when i got back, i continued doing my stuff again.

I'm home.

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