Sunday, January 9, 2011

we are not aimless

  We Are Not Aimless presents a group of illustrators who challenge the traditional roles of illustration as an ancillary and derivative art form. The artists argue that as a craft and practice, illustration is evolving. Throughout the exhibition they present the notion of the illustrator as author or originator of ideas. In this context, illustration does not slavishly follow the written word but rather creates a complimentary an...d unique visual contribution to narrative. As a result illustration becomes a visual distillation of ideas that at its most resolved can be considerd complete Art forms suitable for galleries and institutions.

  The artists in the exibition form part of the Philippine’s rising generation of illustrators as authors. They are progenitors of their own ideas and push the role of illustration within the Philippine context by creating works that are driven by distinct individual visions. Artists include Abi Goy, A.J. Omandac, Aldy Aguirre, Allan Balisi, Apol Sta. Maria, Bru, Dan Matutina, Dex.Fernandez, Dina Gadia, Epjey Pacheco, Froilan Calayag, Kat Medina, Katwo Puertollano, Lala Gallardo, Manix Abrera, Marcushiro Nada, Mariano Ching, Mica Cabildo, Pepper Roxas, Pergyline Acuna, Rommel Joson, Tof Zapanta, WeeWillDoodle, Zeus Bascon. Also participating are Eeshaun, a Singaporean visual artist, and Mel Stringer, an Australian illustrator.

  Many of these illustrators have played numerous roles in the creative industry. Some are designers and gallery exhibitors, whilst others have made comics and children’s books or their own merchandise. Time and again their work crosses a variety of media and objects, some commissioned and others intensely personal. We Are Not Aimless highlights these diverse talents and strengths in order to inform new audiences about this often misunderstood art form.

-Manila Contemporary

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