Saturday, January 29, 2011

in a foreign land, i wander

it was the first week of december 2010 and i went to macau for a project.

it is my first time abroad.
it is my first time to ride an airplane.
it is my first of many other things.

going to the airport

golden lotus

rommel budalian and budee mendoza taking shots for 360 degrees tour.

visual artist ferdinand doctolero

the sketching backpacker robert alejandro
im realy into these things. they have it on every establishment. they put incense here and pray for anything
awesomelights in macau during night time
lovely old couple.
morning view

mr. joao sales of mgto office
installation art / abandoned space att he island

illustrator/author jomike tejido
 mr. sales' lovely daughter
i will definitely go back to this place whenever time and money allow.haha
 thanks to jomike for being a lughing buddy (haha), sir ferdinand doctolero for like being my dad during the trip!hehe sire robert for the touring tips and stories, robert and buddy, "uncle", the filipinos i met for the stories, ma'am jet cabuslay, ms. berni concepcion and mr. joao sales for being kind, patient and generous for the whole trip!
more photos from macau coming and a lot more pending blog posts!