Saturday, October 18, 2014

The realization of the self as a means to an end

Fictive Communities - Koganecho Bazaar 2014

June 4 - August 20, Yokohama, Japan

The Cave

The exhibition title, The Cave, virtually refers to the location: be it the exhibition site, or the Koganecho area; of which directly affected the development of the project from the original proposal, Tribesmen. There have been revisions but the same objective remains: to form a narrative.

Upon entrance, one can see from the arch a group of colorful eyes watching everything from above; an illustrated cape covering the black figure lying dead on the ground; radiating with blinding lights, a chamber where one may expect a treasure;  column of faces; a picture depicting a ritual, opening a portal; the wearing of the cape on the night of the full moon; the moving sound of thousands of bells; and the burning of the altar, are all part of a vision - an installation primarily resulting from the observed conflicts between the industrial construction of the site and the nature of my works.
The plot thickens as I subject The Self more along the process. Creating layers of interpretations, blurring the meaning.

The Cave, 2014
Acrylic paint, bells, crafting materials, fabric, found objects, hardware light fixtures, net, oil-based markers, painting, plastic letters, styrofoam, tape, tarpaulins, thread, vinyl stickers, wax, wire, wood

you can view photos during my residency here

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