Tuesday, March 25, 2014


This is an exhibition that highlights how ordinary objects are repurposed; how common things evolve and transform when enmeshed with creativity. These are exercises of perception and possibilities, where imagination, adaptability, wit and ingenuity are significant factors. Rising above the culture of waste, these creatives convert familiar materials and items outside of its original intent. The sensibilities of everyday articles are re-characterized and given new identities. domestiCITY merges art, design and craft to fuse divides, to promote resourcefulness and to provoke conversations.



I Found Shelter
Installation work

Installation Components:

Tinupok na Pag-asa 
19.25 x 30 x 87 in 
Acrylic paint, fluorescent light, nails, screws, wax, wire, metal rod, fabric, charcoal and salvaged wood 

Kinabukasan ay Kaginhawahan
188in diameter
Found mattress cover, bed sheet, fabric, synthetic fiber, sack, spike studs, thread

photo grabbed from Marika Constantino's album of the exhibition

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