Thursday, August 25, 2011


untitled, 2009


we did small portraits of our national hero for a weekend market last week. 
it's fun! enjoy!

first flight
the moon
Zeus Bascon X Vermonyo


if you want to check what others did, click here for the album on my facebook!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

tweet ang sabi ng ibong tiririt!

illustration for Wish, The Australian's style magazine back in 2009
under The Illustartion Room

i made a twitter account last saturday then right after, i was thinking if im going to deactivate or not. 
last night i decided not to and already did 15 tweets. 

a portrait

(b. 1987) has a bachelor’s degree in commerce from UST and been doing mixed media since 2006. He stays in Sta. Rosa. Laguna where he illustrates does graphic designs, paints and tries to live his everyday southern life. His works focus mainly on the continuous journey to the wholeness of one’s being. He’s an active member of Ang Ilustrador ng Kabataan, an organization of Filipino children’s book illustrators, and co-founder of design and illustration collective, Folk Superlative.

got featured by portraiture, graphic designer, painter and educator Meneer Marcelo! visit his site for more of his awesomeness!

Thursday, August 4, 2011


since i have a new phone, that means i can take as much photos as i can 
lowres of course, but what the heck i can still take any pictures wherever, whenever!haha

first pic! got it hours after i got my phone. im in the bus, on my way to meet friends. it was saturday.
i was still sleeping when they shot this. it's my aunt and baby cousin, Prince.

with Fiona kulit

...disturbing Zach!haha
usual snack in the bus.
i usually sit near this sign, just in case.hehe
she's a bit shy.
then she started reaching when her mom turned around and noticed she's playing with me
with this face! i became a bit shy.haha
artwork by ma'am Beth Parocha-Doctolero
for our current exhibit at Ortigas Foundation Library as tribute for the death anniversary of Ninoy and Cory Aquino
Ver's work
inner Peace by Pergy
then the next day i spent the afternoon with stephane

sobrang ligalig!
we spent the whole afternoon watching people pass by. we stayed until dinner time

and i let him eat the fries from the day before. he likes them
goofing around Leon!
during the opening of our exhibit, i was behind Noynoy!haha
and finally met Anton Tobias-Papa