Thursday, August 4, 2011


since i have a new phone, that means i can take as much photos as i can 
lowres of course, but what the heck i can still take any pictures wherever, whenever!haha

first pic! got it hours after i got my phone. im in the bus, on my way to meet friends. it was saturday.
i was still sleeping when they shot this. it's my aunt and baby cousin, Prince.

with Fiona kulit

...disturbing Zach!haha
usual snack in the bus.
i usually sit near this sign, just in case.hehe
she's a bit shy.
then she started reaching when her mom turned around and noticed she's playing with me
with this face! i became a bit shy.haha
artwork by ma'am Beth Parocha-Doctolero
for our current exhibit at Ortigas Foundation Library as tribute for the death anniversary of Ninoy and Cory Aquino
Ver's work
inner Peace by Pergy
then the next day i spent the afternoon with stephane

sobrang ligalig!
we spent the whole afternoon watching people pass by. we stayed until dinner time

and i let him eat the fries from the day before. he likes them
goofing around Leon!
during the opening of our exhibit, i was behind Noynoy!haha
and finally met Anton Tobias-Papa

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