Sunday, September 5, 2010


me and zach
nanay preparing the incense
we let the incense and the coals burn on a dog plate with foil.  

the smell of suffocating smoke
all over the house
then nanay balibago came to visit...
and tatay balibago. he's telling us lots of jokes lately. good thing he's happy.hehe

wikipedia says incense releases fragrant smoke when burned...

anyway, my mother regularly use incense all over the house to drive away bad spirits. i also believe we have some 'friends' in the house, but i don't think they will go away after the incense. i always imagine, during the 'smoking', they will just be annoyed and go out for fresh air. then after a few hours, they'll come back.haha

here's the creepy part, we were eating merienda then nanay, ate and i had goosebumps (as in from the legs up to the neck)! really. it was weird and creepy. i imagined our 'friends' were passing by, going out the house.haha but really it was creepy.

anyway, i wasn't feeling well that day and i believe it has nothing to do with our 'friends'. i woke up early around 530am (which is unusal) and finished some small paintings just before evening...

i got really inspired the whole day, i didn't even mind feeling sick!haha this bench set the mood!

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